Behavior-aware planning

Self-driving cars can be safer and more efficient when they reason about latent states related to behavior.

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Autonomous autorotation

Unmanned rotorcraft can guide themselves to a safe landing without power using a maneuver called autorotation.

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The POMCPOW algorithm uses progressive widening and weighted particle filtering to approximately solve continuous POMDPs.

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AI4ALL is an organization I’ve worked with for the past three years to increase diversity and inclusion in artificial intelligence. [Photo credit: Lauren Yang]

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POMDPs.jl is a Julia interface for working with discrete and continuous, fully and partially observable Markov decision processes (See an example here).

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About me

I am a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley researching artificial intelligence applied to control autonomous vehicles. In January 2020, I will be starting as an assistant professor in the Aerospace Engineering Sciences department at the University of Colorado, Boulder. If you are interested in the research I do, please contact me.